About us

JarMag Sp. z o.o. J. Krawczyk, M. Dmochewicz with office in Lublin was established in 2002. The company started as a distributor of plastics, fibres, and yarns.

Thanks to many international contacts the company soon became a leader in importing products and materials from European and Asian markets. Together with our clients we introduced on Polish market products such as: glass mats, textiles, different types of non-woven fabrics, latex foam in rolls and sheets, and coconut mats.

Numerous awards received by the Company over the years are a proof of high quality of our Customer Service. We have been awarded with, among others: six titles of "Gazele Biznesu" [Business Gazells], Forbes Diamonds, and Business Credibility Certificate.

Jarmag is a part of four a group consisting of four sister companies. The oldest company in the group is Przedsiębiorstwo Przemysłowo–Handlowe "Standard" sp. z o.o. [“Standard” Industrial and Trade Company Ltd.], established in 1990. Basic assortments of the company are chemical raw materials and chemicals for different branches of the Polish industry.

Dynamic growth of the "Standard" company made it reasonable to divide it and create new company called Przediębiorstwo Chemiczne "Stanchem" Sp. z o.o. ["Stanchem Chemical Company] in 1997. Basic assortments of the company are raw materials used in metallurgical, foundry, welding, abrasive material, friction materials, fireproof materials, and electroplating industries.

Another company in the group is Przedsiębiorstwo Przemysłowo Handlowe "Stanlab" Sp. z o.o. ["Stanlab" trade and industry company ], established in 2000. Since 01 July 2006 "Stanlab" has its main office in Lublin. The company specialises in selling high purity chemical reagents and special purposes chemical materials. Since 2012 the company also sells construction and furniture boards.

The youngest company in the group is Sanatorium "Revita" Sp. z o.o. ["Revita" sanatorium Ltd.]. Our group has acquired 100% of its shares in December 2012. Sanatorium was established over 20 years ago and now it holds strong market position with relation to the medical, rehabilitation, and sanatorium services it provides.

The whole capital group employs about 400 people, with annual sales of 500 million USD. Technical base of the Group consist of four well-equipped technical facilities of total area of 13 hectares located at Olaszańskiego 10 and Diamentowa 7 street in Lublin, and in Niemce 105A near Lublin, and in Muszyna at Zielona 3 street. Total area of offices, storage rooms, production and technical facilities amounts to approx. 26000 m2.

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